Legal Performance | Screenplay by Brendan Bald


A young man who dreams of becoming a professional actor descends into depression and addiction when his overbearing father forces him to attend law school.


A young law student struggles to find his way as he constantly battles between what he truly wants in life against what is expected of him – all the while succumbing to the gut-wrenching epidemic of addiction.

Braiden, a recent theater school graduate, leaves his loving girlfriend and acting career behind as he embarks on his first year of Law School. A decision heavily influenced by his overbearing, powerhouse attorney father who insists that Braiden follow in his footsteps. 

However, a blossoming romance with a promiscuous classmate throws a curveball in Braiden’s “plan.” Ultimately the pressures to appease his father and simultaneously woo the heart of his lover proves to be too much to bear. Braiden’s life quickly spirals out of control once a post-surgery painkiller prescription sparks a dangerous spiral into addiction.

Currently on the Festival Circuit…


Best Feature Length Drama Screenplay (Georgia Shorts Film Festival)


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