Nonconformist Ducks Animated Series | Beat Sheet (Written on Spec by Brendan Bald)

Successful NFT projects are destined to grow into massive entertainment juggernauts.

The top projects are certain to take their Intellectual Property to the silver screen. We’ve already seen one major NFT project break into Hollywood – Reese Witherspoon’s Production Company “Hello Sunshine” partnered with World of Women earlier this year with the plan to develop the project into movies and TV shows.

When I began my NFT journey in August 2021, I gravitated towards projects that showed a commitment to storytelling. All great brands utilize the power of story to connect with and grow their community.

As a screenwriter myself, I saw an opportunity in the space to combine two of my passions – NFTs and Screenwriting. Now exactly how, why, and when I would get involved in this work was unclear to me.

I spotted the Nonconformist Ducks NFT project in 2021 and was immediately intrigued with the team’s commitment to storytelling. I invested into the project and immediately began sharing my excitement on social media, via video content.

The Nonconformist Ducks team broached the idea of employing my screenwriting talents in the event they receive a deal with a streaming service or production company. I of course expressed my interest, but with my creative juices flowing – I didn’t stop there…

I embarked on a writing exercise and crafted a Series Beat Sheet, completely on spec (AKA without a deal, instruction, or promise).

Whether or not the Nonconformist Ducks obtain a TV deal and regardless of if they decide to hire me as the screenwriter, I’m proud of this story! It gave me an opportunity to craft a dramatic tale around intriguing characters within a world that loosely fits within the NFT project’s lore. These are all skills I hope to use in the future as I continue my Web 3.0 career!

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