What If “Top Gun: Maverick” Had Used NFT Tickets For Their Theatrical Release?

Top Gun: Maverick is the epitome of an EVENT film.

The movie includes…

1️⃣ An amazing story – complete with full character arcs and a satisfying ending

2️⃣ The world’s most famous action star with Tom Cruise

3️⃣ Mind boggling sound design

4️⃣ Nostalgia infused score

5️⃣ Unparalleled practical effects

Amongst many other reasons that make this film is great…

After viewing the movie myself, I vividly remember throwing my paper ticket in the trash and immediately thinking, “Would I have paid a premium for a 1/1 NFT ticket?” For me, the answer was a resounding YES…

Here’s why I would’ve paid more for an NFT ticket to see Top Gun: Maverick…

1️⃣ Collectibility – As social platforms integrate with blockchain tech, it’ll likely become common to showcase your favorite NFTs in your profile. This would not only be a way to flex but also a way to communicate your interests. If you’re a movie lover, showcasing 1/1 film NFTs that represent films you experienced and loved seems like a natural progression for film fans in the metaverse.

2️⃣ Utility – The NFT should serve as your ticket to the movie and could also include additional perks like a free soda, popcorn, candy, signed movie poster, Q&A with the cast/crew, amongst many other possibilities.

3️⃣ Resale Value – If the movie the NFT represents is a smash hit and future utility is built into the meta data, you may be able to sell your NFT on the secondary market.

4️⃣ Identity – NFTs offer the opportunity for folks to express themselves digitally. If you love movies, why not extrovert that side of yourself with NFTs?

My hope is that the current bear market gives projects and platforms the time needed to improve the safety and UX of NFTs. Film NFTs can only gain steam if the stigmas around them are lifted and mass adoption occurs.

Overall, I am BULLISH on Film based NFTs 🎬🚀

*** Looks like the team at Paramount Pictures actually DID use NFTs in conjunction with the release of “Top Gun: Maverick!” Moviegoers who attended the premiere were able to redeem a 1/1 NFT after the fact. Major props to Paramount Pictures for pioneering in this space. Embarrassed I missed this BUT so awesome to see! Can’t wait for more movies to utilize NFTs.


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