EVERYONE Will Own An NFT In 5 Years

🚨EVERYONE Will Own An NFT In 5 Years🚨

Here’s some of my reasoning…

1️⃣ Culture – Don’t underestimate the power of #culture when it comes to mass adoption of #NFTs!! Thanks to projects like the Bored Apes, World of Women, and CryptoChicks – the NFT culture wave has already begun.

2️⃣ Social Media Integration – Soon all social platforms will integrate with the consumer blockchain.

3️⃣ Simplicity – Buying an NFT will soon be just as easy as buying something off Amazon.

4️⃣ Flexing – People will buy NFTs for the same reasons they buy expensive jewelry and handbags. To FLEX!

5️⃣ Gaming – Play-to-Earn gaming will be the next wave in #Web3

6️⃣ Ticketing – Any Ticketed Event will benefit from going on chain.

7️⃣ Normalized Digital Ownership – The taboo and stigma surrounding digital ownership will subside.

8️⃣ Subscription Services – Thanks to smart contacts, tokenizing subscriptions should be the natural progression for subscription services!

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