Web3 Weekly Takeaways

Happy Friday, everyone!

Markets are down, but NFT vibes are most definitely up. Some bullish news in Web3 this week.

The artist Pharrell joined Doodles as their chief brand officer. We’re also coming right off the back of NFT NYC – the biggest NFT conference of the year. 15,000 people descended upon New York City, thousands of speakers, several different events, numerous venues. And I personally had a ton of FOMO.

Perhaps the biggest headline from NFT NYC was Snoop Dogg and Eminem debuting their single at ApeFest. The two superstars premiered the music video at their event, which starred both of their Bored Apes. More than anything else, I think this solidifies the cultural impact that NFTs have had on pop culture. And it makes me BULLISH AF.

We also had a huge comic book drop from the Lazy Lions, giving NFT holders a glimpse into that Lazy Lion universe showing their commitment to storytelling.

And last but not least, Cristiano Ronaldo partnered with Binance in an NFT push for their new NFT trading platform. The goal of which is to take sports fandom to the next level. And I think by signing Cristiano Ronaldo, the biggest name in soccer, is a huge first step in that. So I’m really excited to see what comes of it.

Just the general vibes in the NFT space on crypto Twitter, NFT Twitter, LinkedIn, and on every other social media platform is absolutely amazing – especially considering the market right now. The price of Ethereum, also just the price of these NFT projects, they’ve gone down, but people are sticking around proving that they’re not only here for the money. They’re not solely speculators. They’re here for the vibes, the culture, the team, the communities.

So all in all, a great week for NFTs.

Y’all have an amazing weekend.


A week full of BULLISHNESS within #Web3
👇🏼ALPHA 👇🏼
1️⃣ Doodles named Pharrell Williams as Chief Brand Officer 
2️⃣ NFT NYC 
3️⃣ Snoop Dogg and Eminem debuted their single at #ApeFest2022 
4️⃣ Lazy Lions dropped a Comic Book 
5️⃣ Cristiano Ronaldo partnered with Binance

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