The Resurrection of LimeWire as an NFT Marketplace

We’ve got another player in the NFT Marketplace Game. And it’s a company you might recognize. 

LimeWire, the legendary software used to share and download music in the early 2000s, has officially been resurrected as a marketplace for music NFTs. 

They’ve got their work cut out for them though since OpenSea basically has a monopoly in the space. But even with that said, I wouldn’t count them out. 

Millennials grew up with LimeWire.

I know I did.  

So, I absolutely love this alpha. 

NFTs have their own culture where silliness and fun take precedent over almost everything else. 

So, if LimeWire takes advantage of their nostalgia-inducing brand name and executes on their vision, the sky’s the limit.

With proper funding and artist partners like, Soulja Boy, Travis Barker, and Brandy, this could be lightning in a bottle. So keep it on your radar. 

But that’s all I got for today. 

Remember, with the market full of bears, the best thing you can do…is stay bullish!

Thanks for tuning in y’all. 

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