The “Playboy Mansion” Plunges Into The Metaverse

Let’s talk about Playboy. 

The lifestyle brand is taking its infamous “Playboy Mansion” into the Metaverse.  

They officially launched a “MetaMansion” within The Sandbox, which is an NFT-driven Metaverse gaming platform. Playboy will likely drop affiliate NFT collections and host games and events within the virtual property. 

But this isn’t Playboy’s first foray into Web3. 

Last year, they launched an NFT collection of tokenized bunny avatars called Playboy Rabbitars. 

I’m sure Playboy plans to give Rabbitar holders added utility within the MetaMansion. 

Major props to Playboy’s team for making high conviction moves in the Web3 space. So much potential for brands like playboy as mass adoption approaches. 

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