The Most Important Reason Why Film Fans Should Love Digital Collectibles and Which Hollywood Studios are Leading the Charge

We film fans have a new way to engage with our favorite movies and express our passion for cinema with digital collectibles. But what the hell is a Digital Collectible?

You’ve heard all the buzz words…

  •  “NFT” 
  • “Metaverse” 
  • “Web3” 

For 2 minutes, put aside your preconceived notions. Let’s keep this simple. I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty details. 

Digital collectibles are ownable digital assets. 

Due to the fact that they exist on an unchangeable ledger – the blockchain – you can own them. Digital ownership is a foreign concept and can often be difficult to wrap your head around. But once you do, it’s so much easier to appreciate. 

Let’s leave the tech talk there and let the fun begin…

Digital Collectibles Give Film Fans a New Way to Express Themselves

Movie Buffs love supporting their favorite movies. 

If we like a movie, we rep it…hard. Back in college, I had a huge poster of “The Patriot.” It hung alongside 3 copies (yes, 3 copies) of the DVD. The Patriot was, and still is, my favorite movie. So why did I buy the poster and DVDs? To communicate to my friends that I was obsessed with the movie!

We buy things to communicate our interests to the world. 

Digital Collectibles are the next iteration of this expression. And once socials fully integrate with the blockchain, showcasing your collections will be simple. We’ve seen Instagram and Twitter pioneer here but a lot more work needs to be done. 

Soon, in addition to our movie posters, DVDs, and movie merch, we’ll also be able to showcase Digital Collectibles of our favorite movies in our wallets and social profiles. As people continue to spend more of their time online, this technology will continue to grow in popularity. Don’t even get me started on what’ll happen when the Metaverse comes around. Let’s just say, I’m bullish!

Many in the Film Industry Have Already Embraced Digital Collectibles. 

VeVe dropped digital collectibles for…

  • Disney, Marvel, Star Wars
  • Back to the Future
  • Ghost Busters
  • James Bond
  • DC

AMC Theaters collaborated with several NFT Platforms and dropped digital collectibles for…

  • Lightyear (VeVe)
  • Jurassic World Dominion (VeVe)
  • Top Gun (RECUR)
  • The Batman (Palm)

Candy Digital dropped a collection for Netflix’s Stranger Things. 

Autograph dropped a collection for the Saw franchise. 

This is just a small taste of what we can expect in the future. As social integration improves and the NFT stigma dissipates, I anticipate this market skyrocketing.  

For those who just want the juicy bits, Here’s the TLDR…

  • Digital Collectibles are a fun way for you to express your favorite movies online
  • Massive brands like Disney and Netflix have started releasing Digital Collectibles
  • The Movie Digital Collectibles market is primed to rapidly grow alongside social media/blockchain integration and a decreased stigma surrounding NFTs. 

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