3 Creative Ways NFT Community Members Can Use The Power of Storytelling

NFT community members can enhance their Web3 experience by harnessing the power of storytelling.

As a screenwriter and filmmaker, I’ve used storytelling in all of my creative work. But the benefits of storytelling are not reserved for screenwriters and filmmakers.

Here’s 3 ways NFT community members can get in on the action.

1. Create Stories About Your NFTs

The NFT landscape is a playground for creatives.

When you purchase an NFT, you purchase a character. And many projects grant you the IP rights to your character. Instead of waiting for the overarching project to breath life into your character, do it yourself.

Use your NFT’s traits as inspiration.

For instance, if your character has a Sheriffs Hat, how did they obtain it? Are they actually a Sheriff? Are they the Marshal of an apocalyptic town? Are they a young trainee desperately trying to prove themselves worthy of the badge? The opportunities are endless.

This is easier said than done, I know.

Especially since it’s unlikely to increase your NFT’s value. And many people participate in the space for purely speculative reasons. But creatives see NFTs as more than speculative vehicles.

Creatives see NFTs as character launchpads.

Creating your own stories is an excellent way to individualize your NFT, increase engagement on social media, and workout your creative muscles.

2. Use Storytelling Techniques In Your NFT Content

The anatomy of a story is applicable to video, written, and audio NFT content.

Here’s 3 ways you can use storytelling in your content:

• Articulate a desired outcome.

• Express obstacles in the way of achieving that outcome.

• Present solutions to overcoming the obstacles so that your audience can reach the desired outcome.

It may sound elementary — but it’s effective.

3. Join A Storytelling NFT Project That Involves Its Community In The Storytelling Process

Next generation storytelling aims to involve community members in the storytelling process.

If you want to be an active participant in the direction of a project’s creative direction, you can join a storytelling NFT. This could potentially grant you, depending on the project, the opportunity to contribute to narratives and vote on creative direction.

Some examples of Storytelling NFT Projects include:

• Jenkins the Valet

• Unethical Cupids

• StoryDAO

Ultimately, whether you decide to craft your own stories, use storytelling in your content, or join a storytelling NFT project — your Web3 experience is sure to improve.

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