3 Reasons Why The Next Marvel Will Be Web3 Native

Hollywood lacks originality.

They recycle the same content — over and over again. Why? Because it works. The studios make a lot of money making movies like Spiderman and Star Wars on repeat.

But thanks to the entrenched studio system, original stories rarely get any play. Creators are forced to find an alternate way to create and distribute their stories.

Here’s 3 reasons why the next Marvel will come out of Web3.

1️⃣ The Fragmented Distribution and Consumption of Content Opens Up Opportunities For New Stories.

Times have changed.

Centralized distribution is a thing of the past. Content now comes at us from a million different angles — YouTube, Social Media, Streamers, Cable, VOD, Theatrical, Gaming. The amount of distribution channels make it difficult for established brands to maintain consistent exposure.

This means less kids will grow up obsessed with Star Wars and Batman.

Since content is fragmented, there’s an opportunity here for original stories to seep their way into the cultural conscious.

And Web3 native brands have an opportunity of a lifetime.

2️⃣ NFT Communities Have Tremendous Marketing Power.

Many original stories lack marketing budgets and therefore fail gain any steam. NFT projects with active and passionate communities don’t have this issue.

An active community of ~5,000 NFT holders give projects an explosive marketing arm. This type of organic reach is unheard of outside of the NFT space.

But is it enough?

Even with a friendly macro environment and a strong community, projects still need top notch talent to craft amazing stories.

3️⃣ The Ownership Incentives Should Attract The Best Talent Into The Space.

The ethos of Web3 revolves around decentralized ownership.

This model, in theory, should entice creators with:

• Creative control and ownership of their intellectual property, and

• Financial incentives that exceed what they’d receive in traditional media.

Creators will also need to decide how they’ll involve their communities in the storytelling process and how/if communities will share in future profits.

This is all hypothetical.

The model hasn’t been proven. And it won’t likely be proven until the next bull market. But the opportunity is there. What’s missing from the market is a successful case study.

The Web3 space needs a story-driven NFT project that proves two things:

1) That serious profits can be made off the backs of Web3 content, and

2) Hollywood caliber content can emerge from the Web3 space.

If Web3 continues to grow and projects continue to tell stories, I’m convinced the next Marvel will be Web3 native.

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