The Most Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned From My 15 Months in NFTs

I purchased my first NFT in July of 2021 and I’ve been eyeballs deep in Web3 ever since.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Hype Attracts Speculators But Storytelling Turns Them Into Loyal Communities

When projects weave a compelling story into their roadmaps, it acts as glue for community members. I’ve seen this play out in myself and my peers.

Back The Jockey, Not The Horse

An NFT project can have the best art and community, but without a trusted leader – the project is trash.

The Mix of Art, Story, Speculation and Community Make NFTs Irresistible

This is the MAIN REASON I’m convinced NFTs are here to stay.

The immeasurable euphoria you feel when participating in the NFT space is unparalleled. Liquidity has left the space, but trust me – it’ll be back.

My first 15 months in NFTs have been a trip. Can’t wait for the next 15!

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