Why Photography is the Ultimate Cure for Creative Lulls

A creative life is a happy life.

I truly believe that. But oftentimes creativity can escape us. We feel uninspired. We feel a bit gray. We feel…blah. How do we get our mojo back?

One word – photography.

I’m a multi-hyphenate creative with a passion for taking pictures. I not only do it for fun, but it’s also my side hustle (portraits/prints/NFTs).

Here’s why photography is the ultimate cure for creative lulls.

Photography Gets You Out of Your Head and Into Nature.

Grab a camera and hit up your local state park. Or head into the city. Explore. Have fun and soak up the vitamin D.

The point is to put yourself in unfamiliar terrain and shake things up.

Going on an adventure is an excellent way to clear your mind and practice being present. It creates an environment ripe for creativity.

Taking Pictures Jumpstarts Your Creativity.

It’s just like jumpstarting your car.

Your surroundings are the working car. Your camera is the jumper cable. and YOU are the dead car.

Photography juices things up!

When you add a camera to your adventures, you’re forced to work your creative muscles. But it won’t feel like work. You’ll compose images without realizing you’re being creative.

Everytime you frame up a subject, you’re making a creative decision. And one creative decision tends to lead to another. And another. And another. Your creative juices will be flowing before you know it.

A Quick Anecdote (Indulge Me).

When I left my job as an attorney, I had no life plan. I knew I wanted to live a more creative life, but I didn’t know where to start.

My first step was to purchase a camera. It was probably the best purchase of my life. I’ve been on many adventures with that camera and it’s gotten me out of countless creative lulls.

And I’m sure it can do the same for you. Pick up a camera and get to shootin’!

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