3 Timeless Tricks Alexander Hamilton Can Teach Content Creators About “Going Viral”

Alexander Hamilton is the OG Content Creator.

He was also…

• A Founding Father of the United States.

• The First Secretary of the Treasury.

• The founder of the Federalist Party.

But none of the above would’ve been possible without his voracious obsession with creating content.

Hamilton’s most “viral” pieces of content allowed him to skyrocket from a life of poverty in the West Indies to a life of notoriety in the United States.

Here’s 3 pieces of enduring advice Hamilton can teach us about “Going Viral.”

1️⃣ Create As Much Content As You Possibly Can.

Hamilton wrote like a mad man.

As a teenager, he wrote excessive amounts of letters and published countless poems in his local newspaper. By writing constantly, Hamilton sharpened his content creation skills.

His exhaustive practice came to a crescendo after a massive hurricane tore through his home in St. Croix.

This is when Hamilton wrote his first viral piece of content.

A letter Hamilton wrote to his father, describing the horror of the hurricane, became the talk of the town. The letter was published in the local newspaper and the people of St. Croix couldn’t get enough of it. The letter created such a sensation that even the St. Croix Governor wanted to meet Hamilton.

This is the equivalent if “going viral” in 1772, and it changed Hamilton’s life.

St. Croix locals took up a subscription fund and sent Hamilton to North America so that he could receive a quality education.

Hamilton’s viral letter took him from his humble birth and life in St. Croix to King’s College in New York City.

Here’s the takeaway…

Game-changing pieces of content are the result of a consistent and exhaustive practice.

2️⃣ Write With Conviction About Controversial Topics

People love drama. And nothing goes viral faster than a spicy take on a controversial topic.

Hamilton, with all his intellect, was attracted to controversy.

And he never backed down from his convictions.

While in college, Hamilton engaged in a written debate with Samuel Seabury about the actions of the Continental Congress – a polarizing issue at the time.

Hamilton’s essay, “The Farmer Refuted,” turned heads and put his brilliance and patriotism on display.

This was the second time Hamilton went 18th Century viral.

Hamilton’s second viral piece of content slingshot him into the continental army and then onto George Washington’s staff.

Like Hamilton in the 18th century, content creators today are more likely to “go viral” if they have conviction about polarizing topics.

3️⃣ Carry Yourself With a Little Swagger

Hamilton had some serious swag, and it came across in his writing.

I’m sure his cockiness fed his convictions, which further fueled his viral content.

Nonetheless, having a little spiciness gives content creators an edge as they build personal brands.

No one talks about the bland oatmeal they ate last Tuesday. But they do talk about that spicy af Hot ‘Nashville’ Chicken Sandwich they devoured last Friday night!

Even though he lived hundreds of years ago, content creators today can learn a ton by studying the great, Alexander Hamilton.

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