3 Reasons Why Writing Romantic Comedies Are The Most Engaging and Entertaining Way For Storytelling NFT Projects To Include Their Communities In The Storytelling Process

Romantic comedies (“Rom-Coms”) are ideal for Web3.

The well defined structure of the genre allows for fun opportunities to involve NFT communities in the storytelling process – without jeopardizing an overarching vision for the story.

Rom-Coms need to hit specific beats in order to be complete.

So projects will still need a creative lead to craft the story outline and ensure the story hits all the necessary beats. But once the outline is firmly in place, communities can help color in the drama!

I’m a screenwriter who also happens to be a sucker for cheesy rom-coms. Here’s 3 reasons why rom-coms are perfect for Web3.

1️⃣ The Community Can Create The “Meet Cute.”

This is the first meeting between the two romantic leads.

It must happen in the 1st act. But how it happens can be up to the community.

Maybe a comedian confronts a heckler after performing at a night club (The Big Sick). Or maybe a dashing young man saves a woman from a rolling dumpster after her shoe gets stuck in the road (The Wedding Planner). The opportunities are endless.

A community can submit clever meet cutes, and then vote on the best one!

2️⃣ The Community Can Decide The Characters’ Stakes.

There needs to be a reason why the two romantic leads can’t be together.

Maybe if the rich man marries the poor girl, he’ll lose his inheritance. Or maybe the guy is betrothed to the girl’s best friend. We need some drama!

Communities can propose dramatic scenarios and then vote on the best one.

3️⃣ Rom-Coms Are Relatively Inexpensive To Make.

The goal of almost every story is to be made into a movie.

Luckily, almost all rom-coms are budget-friendly.

Writing a rom-com dramatically improves the chances a community will see their work made into a movie.

Web3 allows for new ways to tell stories. NFT projects can turn community members into screenwriters by involving them in the storytelling process.

The Rom-Com is a fun yet practical genre for NFT projects to consider!

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