A Deep Dive Into Warner Bros. NFT | How to Buy A Lord of the Rings NFT and Why the Web3 Movie Experience Will Transform Hollywood

Film NFTs will change the way we experience and collect our favorite movies. 

I’m a Web3 obsessed screenwriter/actor/filmmaker with a passion for storytelling.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide To Minting a Lord of the Rings NFT.

First, you’ll need to navigate to the @WarnerBrosNFT website.

Click on the “Lord of the Rings Web3 Movie Experience.”

-Side note-

Looks like they have two additional movie NFTs in the works. Exciting!

Next up, you’ll be taken to the WB Universe Store.

Here, you’ll see two product offerings.

• Premiere Mystery Edition

• Premiere Epic Edition

Here’s the difference…

-Premier Mystery Edition-

This is a 10,000 piece NFT collection (still minting as of this writing).

You’ll mint 1 of 3 locations from the movie:

• The Shire

• Rivendell

• Mines of Moria

Each with different rarity and utility. The mint price is $30.00.

-Premiere Epic Edition-

This is a 999 piece NFT collection. It’s sold out so you can’t mint, BUT it’s available on the secondary market.

This NFT will give you the utility of all three locations from the mystery edition (Shire, Rivendell, Mines of Moria).

Back to business.

To mint one of the Premier Mystery Editions, Click “Buy Now.”

This will take you to a more detailed page of the product – you’ll see the total minted, the secondary sales history, contract, etc…

Click “Buy Now” again.

You’ll have to either start an account OR connect Your MetaMask Wallet.

WB uses Eluvio’s Ethereum-compatible blockchain.

*I connected to MetaMask for my purchase.

-Side note-

The ability to connect a wallet and buy here makes purchasing this NFT friendly to Web3 natives.

Once connected, you’ll have the ability to pay with either your crypto or your credit card.

I was short ETH at the time so instead of using crypto, I purchased the NFT with my credit card.

The process was simple.

Once purchased, The generic Premiere Mystery Edition NFT will show up in your wallet.

In order to reveal whether you received The Shire, Rivendell, or Mines of Moria token, you’ll have to click…

“Confirm Experience”

and then immediately after…

“Open the Mystery”

The minting process was a lot of fun. It’ll look familiar for those who’ve ever minted an NFT before.

I was lucky enough to mint a Rivendell which is rarer than The Shire but not as rare as the Mines of Moria.

My Rivendell NFT Token includes…

• Rivendell location-themed, interactive navigation menu

• Full-length feature film Extended Edition in 4k

• Over 8 hours of special features plus commentaries

• Rivendell-specific image galleries

• Rivendell-specific AR collectible.

After playing around in the WB Movieverse for a few hours, here are my 3 takeaways…

1️⃣ The UX is Fantastic.

The experience is similar to a game menu. You can smoothly navigate to either the film or to any of the special features that your token unlocks.

2️⃣ The Special Features Are Awesome.

Lord of the Rings fans will LOVE everything included here.

You’ve got interviews with the cast, interviews with Petter Jackson, BTS photos, and so much more.

Filmmakers will appreciate this utility as well.

3️⃣ The AR Digital Collectible is 🔥

I’m not one to over-hype AR collectibles. IMO their use is limited since AR glasses aren’t a thing yet. BUT, this one is pretty darn cool…

With the Rivendell Token, you can collect the Elven short-sword “Sting.”

If you scan the QR code, you can place the sword anywhere with your phone’s camera.

I’ve never really played with AR so I had a blast with it.

Here’s my HOT TAKE 🌶

The Web3 movie experience will transform Hollywood by opening up a new way for fans to experience and own their favorite films.

Instead of owning special edition physical DVDs, you’ll own Movie NFTs in your wallet.

But we’re still early.

Digital ownership will need to become more commonplace before this takes off.

For us NFT fanatics, this is awesome.

My Lord of the Rings, Rivendell NFT now sits in my MetaMask wallet.

I can connect my wallet to @WarnerBrosNFT’s Immersive Movieverse and unlock the utility whenever I want.

All in all, the Warner Bros. NFT Lord of the Rings mint was smooth and I’m thrilled with the product’s utility.

I can’t wait to see what additional 2 movies they have in the works.

Bravo! 👏

Hopefully this step by step guide and analysis helps anyone who’s interested!

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