3 Proven Ways NFT Owners Can Handle Haters So That They Can Continue Kicking Ass in Web3

Haters gonna hate.

And unfortunately there’s a lot of haters of Web3 and NFTs. It’s understandable though. If you’ve never heard of an NFT and then all of a sudden see headlines about cartoon ape pictures selling for millions of dollars, it’s only natural to get pissed off and scream foul. People like to throw rocks at things they don’t understand.

So if you’re an NFT collector, you’ve probably had some shade thrown your way – either in real life or online. I’ve been creating NFT content over the last 15 months and have seen my fair share of negativity.

Here’s 3 tips for handling the haters.

1️⃣ Deploy Empathy.

Have you ever taken time from your day to post a hateful comment on a strangers’ content?

I haven’t.

So whenever someone does it to me, I try to put myself in their shoes. Maybe this person has nothing better to do. Or maybe they’re so unhappy with their own lives, they need to bring others down to make themselves feel better. Chances are these people are not in a healthy mental state.

Therefore, it’s always best to respond with kindness.

2️⃣ Keep An Open Mind And Strengthen Your Convictions.

NFT holders are a passionate bunch. But blind conviction is never a good thing.

You need to understand all the arguments for and against your beliefs. When someone criticizes NFTs, take a minute and entertainment their argument. They might be right. You may be wrong about this whole NFT thing. I personally don’t think you are. BUT you might be! Who knows.

If you understand all sides of the argument, you’ll end up strengthening your own convictions.

3️⃣ Pick Your Battles.

There’s some people who can’t be reasoned with.

Many will dig their heels in, defy reason, and breath fire on your common sense. These are not the people to argue with. It’s a waste of time, energy, and emotion. So pick your battles.

If you deploy empathy, understand all the arguments, and pick your battles – you can easily ignore the haters, strengthen your convictions, and continue kicking ass in Web3!

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