The #1 Problem Facing NFT Projects Using Serialized Storytelling and Why TikTokification is the Answer

People have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

If you fail to capture a persons attention in 8 seconds, they’re onto the “next thing.” And in a world dominated by content, there’s a million next things to choose from. The competition for our attention is fierce.

Here’s the #1 problem NFT projects face if they use serialized storytelling.

🚨 Serialized Storytelling Makes Attracting and Retaining Attention Damn Near IMPOSSIBLE.

If NFT projects tell serialized stories, then they’re competing with TV shows.

It doesn’t matter if the story’s being told via Twitter threads, Discord posts, comic books, or short films – they’re still competing in the game of serialized entertainment. And that’s a recipe for failure for most NFT projects. No start up entertainment brand wants to compete with Game of Thrones right off the bat!

Also, when a project drops a serialized narrative on social media, they’re asking viewers to be up-to-date on what happened previously.

That’s a BIG ask. There’s just too much content out there. Most people will fall behind on narratives and lose interest.

So what’s an NFT project to do?

💡 The Answer is TikTokification.

Each piece of narrative content needs stand on its own.

Instead of serialized narratives, NFT projects should produce story-driven content that can be enjoyed with zero prerequisites. Think sitcom style storytelling. That way you ensure no one gets left behind.

I call this TikTokification because it turns long narratives into bite-sized, entertaining pieces of content.

I think it’s the best way for NFT projects to take advantage of social media algorithms, increase engagement, and build community around their IP.

Eventually projects should create full-fledged narratives (books, movies, comics). But they’ll need a community to fall in love with their characters first.

In summary, storytelling NFT projects need to become content BEASTS!

That’s how they win.

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