If You’re Interested In Acting But Have Zero Experience, These 3 Steps Will Get You Started

Only 6% of adults end up doing what they dreamt about as kids.

I have a theory that most people want to be actors. It’s a sexy job – I get it. But very few adults have the confidence to actually pursue it. Acting seems unattainable for most people. But guess what? It’s not. Just manage your expectations. Not everyone can be Brad Pitt.

Do it because you want to ACT not because you want to be FAMOUS.

In 2018, with zero experience, I started my acting journey. Since then I’ve acted in several projects and have had a blast along the way.

If you’re interested in acting, these 3 steps will help get you started.

1. Sign Up For a Scene Study Class.

Skip the “Acting 101” class and sign up for a scene study.

These classes are practice intensive. Instead of lectures and group exercises, you’ll be acting in scenes on day 1️⃣. You’ll learn by doing. Trial by fire, baby!

It’s the best way to learn and meet people in the industry.

2. Sign Up For an Improv Class.

If you’re introverted, improv class is VITAL!

This’ll force you out of your comfort zone. You’ll learn to get out of your own head and trust your instincts. It’ll also reduce your performance anxiety.

Once you’re in a scene study and improv class, let’s get you some headshots.

3. Get Theatrical and Commercial Headshots.

A theatrical shot is one with a serious face (no teeth) and a commercial shot is one with a smiley face (with teeth).

But don’t drop a fortune on your first headshots. Find a reasonably priced headshot photographer and spend a few hundred bucks. These shots will get you started.

Once you have headshots, you can start submitting on projects. Don’t wait until you feel ready. Just put yourself our there. Practice by doing. Student films are an excellent place to start.

Follow these three steps and you’ll be in front of the camera in no time!

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