3 Authentic Ways NFT Owners Can Use Creativity to Increase Their Social Media Engagement

Do you want more engagement on social media?

You’ve gotta be more than a “reply guy.” You need to tap into your creativity and do something different. Think outside the box. It’s the best way to not only increase your engagement, but also to better spotlight the overall NFT project.

Here’s 3 creative tips ways NFTers can increase their social media engagement.

1️⃣ Start a Challenge.

People love a fun a challenge.

It gets the people going. Back in April I started a Twitter challenge for the Lazy Lions community called the #CubChugChallenge. The idea was to challenge community members to chug milk in honor of the projects upcoming airdrop. Dozens of community members participated and my original tweet received 38,653 impressions and ~5k views. Yes, the challenge increased my engagement but it also provided excellent exposure for the Lazy Lions project.

Tap into your creativity, be original, and have fun.

2️⃣ Don’t Be Afraid of Spicy Takes.

If you say something controversial, buckle up – spicy takes thrive on social media.

The 🔑 is to combine your authenticity with your creativity. Don’t say something just because it’s polarizing. Give an authentic take that exudes creativity. For example…

🔹Elon Musk buying Twitter is the best thing to happen to NFTs since Goblin Town Exploded. 🔹

Some people loved Goblin Town’s creative marketing and others hated to see a utility-less NFT project skyrocket in price. It’s a creative yet polarizing take.

The number one rule is to stay true to your convictions.

3️⃣ Make Videos.

With so many anons in the space, videos are an easy way to separate yourself.

Use your creativity and always provide value. For example, I started a video series titled “Just Duckin’ Around” as a fun way to stay up to date with the Nonconformist Ducks project. My videos were original and valuable so my engagement was always high (views and impressions well over 100k). Overall, the NFT space is ripe with opportunities for creative community members to take advantage of.

Hopefully these 3 tips help get you started!

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