What My First Viral Video Taught Me About Content Creation

A few months ago, I went viral on Facebook.

I made a random video about an experience I had at Chipotle – it caught fire (1 million+ views).

Here’s what it taught me about content creation…

🔹Storytelling is 🔑 :

Storytelling videos crush on social media.

My viral video proves it. I told a story about how I was accused of stealing soda at Chipotle.

I used 2 classic storytelling techniques…

• Intention

• Obstacle

I set my intention by explaining how I was craving chipotle and then in a twist of fate, an obstacle changed everything.

People love a good story.

But they love the drama even more…

🔹 Be Controversial:

I had no idea that my story would fire people up – but it did.

And that’s because it was polarizing…

I filled up a water cup with carbonated water.

People were TRIGGERED…

It sparked arguments in my comments (1k+).

This is the primary reason I think the video performed so well.

So, if you want to increase your likelihood of virality, BE CONTROVERSIAL.

This next one is a little technical…

🔹Utilize Quick Cuts:

People have short attention spans.

Something needs to happen in your video every few seconds. You should:

• Cut out dead air in between words, and

• Change the frame with every cut.

In my viral video, I used a ton of quick cuts which probably helped keep the viewers attention.

Speaking of attention…

🔹 Have A Good Hook:

I started my video with…

“Here’s why I don’t eat at Chipotle anymore.”

It sets up the drama. A viewer may hear that and think…

“Chipotle is delicious – what the hell could’ve happened?”

And boom, they’re hooked!

🔹Get Lucky:

Social media success is sometimes dependent on the mysterious “algorithm.”

You either hit it or you don’t. I got lucky here, there’s no doubt about it.

My video caught fire on Facebook. Within a few hours it had over 20k views. Today it has 838k.

In order to test the merits of my video, I posted it on TikTok. It caught fire again. Today it has 176k views.

So yes, getting lucky with the algorithm is a thing, but merit is still important.

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