3 Morning Habits That’ll Ruin Every NFT Owners Day

I’ve been eyeballs deep in NFTs for the past 16 months – both as a collector and creator.

Here Are 3 Morning Habits That’ll Ruin Every NFT Owners Day:

1) Check Your NFT’s Floor Price:

I’ve always hated the obsession with floor prices.

People want to make money – I GET IT. I want to make money too.

But are people here ONLY to gamble?

If you’re here to take short-term profits, go ahead and start your day by checking floor prices. Maybe you’ll get lucky and pocket some McDonalds money. But for the rest of you, don’t start your day hunting prices on OpenSea.

You’ll be disappointed.

It’s a guaranteed case of the bear market blues.

An NFT project’s long-term value is not determined by its daily floor price. Most pumps are from unhealthy hype and/or influencer marketing anyways.

Hard pass. 👋

2) Check the Price of ETH:

Don’t do it.

We’re in a bear market. Chances are, ETH’s in the red.

Also, If you’re long ETH, you’re not selling PERIOD. So what’s a 5-10% swing going to do for you? It’s important to have a general awareness of the market, no doubt.

But stalking the price of ETH immediately after waking up is no way to start your day.

3) Click on Links:

Please, whatever you do…

Don’t click links in the morning – especially with your eyelids half shut!

Clicking the wrong link and getting your wallet drained is sure to ruin your day.

Instead of those 3 horrible habits, do this instead 👇🏼

🔹 Follow @brendanbald 😁

I’ll serve you up some Web3 alpha and start your day with a glorious GM!


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