3 Creative Skills NFT Owners Can Master That’ll Make Them Web3 Content Superstars

Content is KING of Web3.

I’ve made hundreds of Web3 content pieces (video + written) – reaching millions of impressions.

Here are 3 creative skills NFT Owners can acquire that’ll make them Web3 Content Superstars.

1) Master Video Content Creation:

Here’s why video is important:

• Social algorithms favor video on every platform.

• Most people prefer to watch social content than read it.

• It personalizes your content and extroverts your personality.

But it’s easier said than done…

Here are the biggest hurdles preventing NFT Owners from taking the plunge into video:

• Intent to remain anonymous.

• Lack of equipment.

• Insecure about how you look or sound.

All are valid arguments…

Here are my point-for-point rebuttals though:

• Use an AR filter for your face.

• A cell phone is all you need.

• Don’t value other people’s opinions.

I empathize with the third point.

Insecurity is the hardest to overcome.

But once you do…

Creating content gets easier.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Video sucks on Twitter!”

To that I’d say:

a) You’re wrong – Video performs great, and

b) With Elon running things, Twitter may resurrect/integrate the video platform, “Vine” – thereby making Video vastly more important. 🤷‍♂️


Now I’m not saying throw all of your eggs into the video basket.

All I’m saying is that it’d be wise to get in on the video action if you’re trying to maximize your reach.

But for all you video bears out there, don’t worry…

Written content is still 🔑 for content creators.

2) Master Twitter 🧵 s and LinkedIn Articles.

Writing is where the magic happens.

Twitter and LinkedIn are the two best social platforms for copy, aka written stuff.

Here’s a couple tips that have helped me improve my writing:

• Name your audience – who EXACTLY are you writing for?

• Name your value – why should they care?

• Avoid blocks of text – 1 sentence paragraphs are ideal for Twitter.

• Don’t try to be cute or funny.


Writing will vastly improve your videos.

Here’s how:

• Writing is thinking.

• If you can write a well crafted piece of written content, your thoughts are clear.

• You’ll be able verbalize your value 1000x better on camera.

For examples of well crafted 🧵 s and tips for new writers, check out theses 3 Twitter accounts:

🔹 @gregyounger

🔹 @dickiebush

🔹 @Nicolascole77

Quick Caveat about Twitter…

It looks like Elon will soon change A LOT about the platform.

Twitter 🧵 s may soon be a thing of the past.

And written attachments may be a thing of the future. 🤷‍♂️

Either way, the same tips apply.

Keep your ear to the ground for more alpha.

3) Master Storytelling:

Storytelling is important for video and written content b/c stories:

• Entertain,

• Leave lasting memories, and

• Create space conducive for stronger audience connection.

Here’s 3 ways you can use storytelling techniques in your content:

• Articulate a desired outcome.

• Express obstacles in the way of achieving that outcome.

•  Present solutions to overcoming the obstacles.

It’s simple, but it works.


Acquire these 3 skills and you’ll be a Web3 Content Superstar in no time!

• Master Video Content Creation. 🎥

• Master Twitter 🧵 s and LinkedIn Articles. ✍️

• Master Storytelling. 🎭

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