Game of Thrones | The NFT Project That’ll Turn Web3 Skeptics Into Believers

Here’s an NFT project that’ll turn Web3 skeptics into believers…






Here’s the scoop:

• Warner Bros. & HBO teamed up with Nifty’s

• The Game of Thrones (“GoT”) NFT project is launching before EOY

• It’ll exist on the Ethereum blockchain

• The first drop will be from “The North”

• Collectibles designed by DAZ 3D

Collectors will receive assorted packs that include:

• Avatars

• Equipables (weapons, gear, companions)

• Iconic moments, locations, characters from the series

The idea is to give collectors the opportunity to build their realm within the GoT Universe.

Here’s why the GoT NFT project is massive for the Web3 space…

🔹 GoT is Arguably the Biggest and Most Successful Show of All Time.

Here’s some stats…

  • GoT had an average viewer count of 44.2m during all seasons.
  • GoT dominates on social media (46m mentions leading up to the finale).
  • Fans consistently vote GoT as one of the best shows of all time.

The GoT brand is STRONG.

The GoT NFT collection is likely to gain a lot of media attention due to the franchise’s global popularity.

The brand’s also RED HOT right now thanks to the success of the prequel, “House of the Dragon.”

The GoT NFT project should turn some heads.

And the more positive attention NFTs have, the quicker the technology will normalize.

🔹 The GoT NFT Project is a Stamp of Legitimacy for Web3 Technology:

Many Web3 skeptics are blindly convinced that NFTs are fraudulent scams.

But GoT releasing an NFT collection flies in the face of that logic.

Why would one of the most successful shows of all time stake its reputation on something that’s fraudulent or scammy? 🤔

They wouldn’t.

Warner Bros. and HBO recognized the opportunity their IP has within Web3, so they seized it.

The GoT NFT project is a stamp of legitimacy from Hollywood.

I’m PUMPED for this collection.

I already own a GoT physical collectible…

It’s an authentic GoT Ale Horn.

I was notorious for filling it up with wine during GoT episodes and yelling “more wine” whenever I needed a refill. 🤣🤷‍♂️

Tyrian Lannister would’ve been so proud.

Needless to say, I’ll be purchasing one of these NFTs whenever they drop.

Which leads me to my last point…

We don’t know exactly when this project is dropping, BUT here’s some dates to watch…

🔹 December 9-11:

HBO is hosting the Game of Thrones Official Fan Convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the project drops during the convention.


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