Everything You Need to Know About Warner Bros.’ NFT Projects

When it comes to Web3…

Warner Bros. (WB) is not messing around.

They’re pioneering in the space.

Here’s a list of WB’s NFT projects.

1) Space Jam NFTs:

This was WB’s first NFT project.

Here’s the scoop:

• WB partnered w/ @Niftys

• Released 91k NFTs

• Features 8 characters from the “Tune Squad” + LeBron James

• 2D and 3D-animated versions

• Built on the Palm NFT blockchain

• Released July 12, 2021

This was one of the first times a major motion picture used NFTs alongside their theatrical release.

Overall, the Space Jam NFT collection was a success.

But WB didn’t stop there…

2) ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’ NFTs:

The Matrix is essentially a movie about the Metaverse.

So, this drop checks out.

Here are the deets:

• WB partnered w/ Nifty’s

• Released 100k 1/1 avatar NFTs

• Gamification – NFT buyers could take a “Blue Pill” or a “Red Pill” (mirroring the movie’s storyline)

• Built on the Palm NFT blockchain

• Released Nov. 3, 2021

3) Bat Cowl Collection:

The Bat Cowl is the mask that Batman wears.

Here are the basics for this NFT collection:

• Released 200k unique 3D rendered bat cowls influenced by Batman

• Viewable in AR

• Storytelling NFT Collection

• New features and upgrades to the collection every 52 days along a planned 24-month journey.

• Released April 26, 2022

4) Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block:

The Looney Tunes drop was inevitable.

The art is PERFECT for NFT avatars.

Here’s the scoop:

• WB partnered w/ Nifty’s

• The drop was a celebration of Tweety’s 80th anniversary

• Released 100k 1/1 Tweety avatar NFTs

• Focus on storytelling

• Built on the Palm NFT blockchain

• Released June 21, 2022

The Looney Tunes NFT includes some fun utility as well:

• Virtual meet and greets

• Special access and discounts to Looney Tunes merch

• Exclusive never-before-been-seen content

• Access to new NFT drops

Seems like each subsequent WB NFT drop improves.

5) DC Collectible Comics:

WB’s DC brand launched it’s own standalone DC Comic NFT Marketplace.

Here’s what’s currently available:

• “Batman: The Legacy Cowl #1”

• “Superman #1”

• “Black Adam #1”

• “Harley Quinn #1”

All are are built on the Palm NFT blockchain.

6) DC Collectibles on VeVe:

WB’s DC brand launched several digital collectibles exclusively on VeVe, including:

• Batman Black and White

• DC Battles Statue

• DC Comics Bombshells

• DC Artists Alley

• DC Cover Girls

• Harley Quinn Red, White & Black

• Superman

7) WB Movieverse – Lord of the Rings:

Warner Bros. recently launched the “WB Movieverse.”

The platform offers an interactive and all encompassing movie experience.

The first Movie NFT to drop is the Lord of the Rings!

When you buy a Lord of the Rings NFTs, you get:

• The Full-length feature film Extended Edition in 4K UHD

  • Over 8 hours of special features plus commentaries
  • Location-specific image galleries
  • Location-specific AR collectible


I minted one of these a couple weeks ago and love it.

The UX is fantastic.

you can smoothly navigate to either the film or to any of the special features that your NFT unlocks.

This’ll change the way fans experience and OWN their favorite films!

8) Game of Thrones NFT

This one is hot off the press.

Here’s the alpha: 

• Warner Bros. & HBO teamed up with Nifty’s
• Launching before EOY
• It’ll exist on the Ethereum blockchain
• The first drop will be from “The North”
• Collectibles designed by DAZ 3D

Collectors will receive assorted packs that include:

• Avatars
• Equipables (weapons, gear, companions)
• Iconic moments, locations, characters from the series

The idea is to give collectors the opportunity to build their realm within the GoT Universe.


Warner Bros. (WB) is not taking Web3 lightly.

They are moving aggressively into the space.

Here are my takeaways:

• NFTs will transform the movie industry.

• WB is pioneering w/ movie NFTs, collectibles, and Comics.

• As digital assets normalize, WB will THRIVE.

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