The #1 Reason Why Web3 Will Revolutionize the Entertainment Industry

Everyone will own NFTs in 5 years.

They’ll have no choice. NFT ownership will become synonymous with entertainment experiences.

I’ve been eyeballs deep in Web3 for the last 16 months. I’ve also been an entertainment enthusiast for the last 31 years. 🤓

Let’s get into it.

First of all…

NFTs will have more of an impact on entertainment than:

• VHS’s,

• DVDs,

• VOD, and even

• Streaming.

Sounds crazy, right? It’s not.

Here’s what I mean…

Web3 will transform the way fans interact with their favorite entertainment brands.

When you mix together:

• ownership,

• exclusivity, and

• fun

You get a brand new entertainment experience that extends long past any single event (movie, concert, amusement park).

I like to call this..

⭐️ A Tokenized Fan Experience ⭐️

Every entertainment experience will be tied to a token (NFT).

And that NFT will enhance and prolong a fan’s experience.

This’ll allow brands to provide NFT holders with unlimited value – creating a fan for life.

Here’s a hypothetical…

Imagine you purchase an NFT representative of an upcoming Disney movie…

The token could potentially unlock:

• Movie tickets to see the film on the big screen

• Discounted or free physical merchandise

• Discounted or free tickets to Disney amusement parks

• Free NFT airdrops

• Access to exclusive fan events IRL and/or in the Metaverse

• A free subscription to an exclusive tokenized newsletter keeping fans up to date with the IP

The potential value Disney could provide goes on and on…

But it’s not just the fans that’ll benefit from this.

Brands will as well.

In the above hypothetical, the NFT would give Disney:

• The ability to foster lifelong fans (AKA lifelong paying customers)

• Access to information, via the blockchain, to know exactly who their greatest fans are

• The opportunity to add additional revenue streams via digital assets (NFTs)

The opportunities here are endless.

But here’s the thing…

We’re crazy early to this technology.

It’ll be years until digital ownership is normalized.

But many major brands,


• Disney

• Warner Bros.

• Lionsgate

• Cinemark

Have already gotten in on the action.

I’m convinced that Web3 will revolutionize the entertainment industry.

But before that comes to fruition, 2 things need to happen:

1️⃣ Digital ownership must normalize, and

2️⃣ Blockchain tech must mature and become a simple, safe, and invisible piece of software.


⭐️ Tokenized fan experiences will provide links between brands and fans that’ll unleash unlimited opportunities for continued entertainment value.

💥 Boom 💥

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