3 Ways to Display Your NFT – RIGHT NOW

“I just bought an NFT – now what do I do with it?”

Ever heard someone say that?

NFTs allow you to extrovert your interests in the digital realm.

Here are the 3 best ways to display your NFT – RIGHT NOW.

1) Twitter PFP:

Twitter takes the cake…

• They were the first platform to verify NFT PFPs.

• They’re the social hub for NFTs.

• They’re Web3 friendly.

And with Elon now at the helm, It’ll surely continue in that direction. BUT…

Twitter isn’t perfect…

• You can only verify one NFT (your PFP) w/in the app.

• There’s also no way to mint, buy, or sell your NFTs directly within the app.

It seems I wasn’t the only one to see these gaps in Twitter’s infrastructure…

2) Instagram:

Instagram is applying some serious pressure on Twitter.

The app now allows you to connect your crypto wallet and post your NFTs. You can post as many as you want and they appear in a separate tab on your profile. But Instagram didn’t stop there…

Soon you’ll be able to:

• Mint,

• Buy, and

• Sell Your NFTs directly on the platform.

This is an absolute GAME CHANGER.

The functionality is currently only available to a select group of creators, but it’ll soon open to the public.

NFTs minted through Instagram will exist on Polygon and can easily be exported out of the app and into your crypto wallet.

Bravo, Zuckerberg! 👏

3) Token Frame:

Even though we’re moving more and more into a digital world, physical displays are still important.

That’s why I’ve included @TokenframeNFT on the list. The company sells frames that let you display your NFTs with 100% authenticity.

The UX seems amazing…

To operate the frame, you simply:

• Sign in with your wallet.

• Connect to WiFi.

]• Cast your NFTs. Boom. Piece of 🍰 .

Token Frame’s products have been used at several industry events, including:



• Art Basel

You can use token frames for your home, office, or gallery.

One of these is definitely on my wish list.

This list is bound to change as Web2 platforms advance and more thoroughly integrate with blockchain tech. The ability to showcase your NFT collections in the places where you spend your time is VITAL for mass adoption.

Despite the bear market…

• Web2 platforms continue to make investments in blockchain tech, and

• Social platforms continue to add NFT functionality.

It’s a BULLISH time to be in Web3.


Here are the 3 best ways to showcase your NFTs…

1️⃣ Twitter PFPs

2️⃣ Instagram Digital Collectibles

3️⃣ Token Frame’s physical displays

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