How NFT Venues, a Hospitality-Based Web3 Project, is Changing the NFT Landscape

Here’s the perfect recipe for a GAME-CHANGING NFT project…

• 1 part IRL hospitality biz,

• 1 part Web3,

• 1/2 part degen culture

• 1/2 part 🔥 ART

• 3 parts SWAG

What’s the result?

💥 NFT Venues 💥

Here’s how this hospitality-based Web3 project is changing the game.

Let’s start with the players…

🔹 First, you’ve got the NFT Venues Founder Pass Holders.

AKA the project’s DAO.

Here’s the scoop:

• 2k supply

• Holders vote on projects

• Perks, rewards program, etc.


🔹 Next up, you’ve got the NFT Venues Team.

All are successful entrepreneurs and hospitality legends.

Many in the Web3 space will recognize the project’s Co-Founder, @RealDuckMaster.

Every NFT Venues team member has YEARS of experience.

🔹 Here’s how the project works:


• Founders vote on bars.

• The Team drops an NFT collection for the chosen bar.

• NFT proceeds fund the bar.

• Rinse & repeat.

Founders and NFT holders will have exposure to potential rewards…

🔹 It’s a rewards-based system.

A pool of 💰 fills up based on the bar’s performance.

Every Founder & NFT Holder is eligible for monetary rewards IF they actively promote the bar.

This project has ambitious goals.

They plan to open bars and restaurants all over the world. 🌏


🔹 The first bar is called “The Rouge.”

Here are the deets:

• The NFT collection is minting on November 26th @ 6 pm EST

• 3k supply

• .088 ETH (WL) | .1 ETH (Public)

Also, be on the lookout! 👀

The project is running several incentive programs to promote the mint.

Check it out:

• five lucky 1/1 minters will receive free plane tickets and lodging to attend the bar’s inauguration.

• Numerous NFT giveaways are expected during the mint.

NFT Markets are messy and flooded with greedy speculation.

NFTVenues offers a more mature Web3 experience.


NFTs tied to an IRL (SWAGGY) hospitality brand.







Each bar will have an NFT collection & 10-20% of the rev goes to holders.

PS. Full Disclosure – I’m a Founders Pass Holder and intend to mint a Rouge NFT on the 26th, for whatever it’s worth.


The innovation here is fantastic for the Web3 space.


NFT Venues  is changing the Web3 game by:

• Combining a hospitality brand w/ Web3,

• Tying NFTs to IRL assets, and

• Rewarding active holders.

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