Twitter Needs a MySpace-Style “Top 8” For NFTs

Do you remember MySpace’s “Top 8” friends list?

(I’m looking at you, Elon 😉 )

Twitter needs a “Top 8” NFT list in every user’s profile.

Here’s why…

If you were in middle or high school in 2005, chances are you had a tricked-out MySpace page.

MySpace was the OG social media platform.

All you millennials out there will remember:

• Picking badass songs for your profile.

• Choosing a 🔥 background.

• Embedding YouTube videos.

• Answering silly little quizzes to try and look cool.

But above all else, I’m sure you remember…

🔹 The Legendary “Top 8.”

MySpace allowed users to rank their 8 best friends (SAVAGE!).

These were the only 8 profiles you could see on a users page.

The feature turned into a popularity contest.

And people loved it.

If you knocked a friend out of your Top 8, you better buckle up for some…






🔹Twitter needs to use the “Top 8” framework with NFTs.

Elon Musk should let Twitter users display 8 of their favorite NFTs at the top of their profiles.

Here’s why…


An NFT “Top 8” would:

• Allow NFT owners to support multiple projects.

• Enhance opportunities for creative expression.

• Normalize digital assets.

• Stir up some drama!

Regarding that last point…

People are bound to get riled up whenever exclusive lists are involved.

🔹An NFT “Top 8” would also be a way for you to support digital art without having to change your identity.

Twitter lets you showcase one verified NFT at a time – via your profile picture.

So, if you want to rep an additional collection or 1/1 piece of art, you must change your digital identity (AKA your PFP).

That’s a tough sell.

A “Top 8” NFT list would fix the issue.

So Elon, if you’re reading, what say you??

Let’s make it happen!



Twitter should take note from MySpace and implement a “Top 8” NFT list b/c:

• Users want to support numerous NFT collections.

• Users want a more Web3 friendly Twitter.

• It’d intrigue normies and stir up some fun conversations amongst NFT owners.

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