3 Reasons Amazon’s Upcoming FTX TV Series is AMAZING for Web3

🎬 Sex, drugs, and stealing depositors’ money – FTX’s shitshow is headed to Amazon Studios.

I’m a recovering lawyer turned writer obsessed with the crossover between Web3 and entertainment.

Here are 3 reasons Amazon’s upcoming FTX TV Series is AMAZING for Web3…

First of all, nothing about the FTX scandal itself is amazing.

It’s a tragedy. It’s one of the worst frauds ever committed. I’m empathetic toward everyone affected.

But I’m also optimistic…

In case you haven’t heard yet…

Amazon is turning the FTX fraud scandal into a Limited Series.

• The Russo Brothers’ Production Company is attached, and the duo is likely to Direct and Produce.

• David Weil (Creator of “Hunters”) is writing the pilot.

• Production is set to begin in Spring 2023.

1) Web3 Publicity Will Skyrocket:

Nothing gets people talk’n like a hot new TV series.

Crypto opinions will take over water cooler talk.

(Is that even still a thing?)

Anyways, any publicity is good publicity.

The Series is an opportunity to…

2) Clarify the Narrative:

Was FTX’s collapse a “crypto” thing?

Or was it a “Sam Bankman Fried is a massive criminal” thing?

The answer is clear, but the masses are uninformed.

The Series could clearly show that one individual’s criminal activity caused FTX’s collapse and had nothing to do with crypto fundamentals.

I imagine the series being more “Wolf of Wall Street” and less “The Big Short.”

But with that said, it’s impossible to know what stance the film will take on Web3.

Considering Amazon’s significant investments in blockchain, I can’t imagine they weave an anti-crypto theme into the series.

We’ll have to wait and see.

3) The Release Could Coincide with the Next Bull Run:

Think about it…

If production begins in Spring 2023, here’s a potential timeline:

• Production wraps in November 2023.

• Post-Production (~6 months)

• Releases in Summer 2024 – just in time for the next BULL MARKET.

I have no idea when/if the next bull market will arrive. But I know that the next Bitcoin halving will be in April 2024. I also know that bull markets have historically followed Bitcoin halvings.


“But wait,” you ask.

“Isn’t dropping an Amazon Series about a crypto scandal during a bull market a bad thing?”


It’s a GREAT thing!

It’d add crypto drama into the conversations of normies across the world.

It’d get people talking. Open discourse is critical to normalizing blockchain technology.

And there’s nothing like a terrible scandal to get the people chatting!

It’d create a perfect storm of attention for Web3.

Let’s hope that this go-around, blockchain utility takes centerstage instead of pure speculation.

But speculation will no doubt play a part.


Amazon’s upcoming FTX TV Series is AMAZING for Web3 because it’ll:

• Skyrocket publicity,

• Clarify the crypto narrative, and

• Spice up the next bull run.

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