Here’s Why Millennials are in the Best Position to Crush the Next NFT Bull Market

Millennial NFT owners are sitting in a catapult aimed at the moon.

If you’re a millennial, you’re in the best position to crush the next NFT bull market.

Here’s why:

🔹 You Have Valuable Experience:

You’ve witnessed a bull market.

You’ve worked real jobs.

You’ve made money.

You’ve lost money.

You have skills.

You’re wise.


Here’s why your NFT experience is Invaluable:

👉 You’ll only invest what you can afford to lose (you probably learned this the hard way).

👉 You won’t fall for FOMO (forget being someone else’s exit liquidity).

👉 You’ll take profit when appropriate (hopefully 🤞 ).

You have more going for you than investment wisdom. You have employable skills, and you aren’t afraid to use them.

Here’s what I mean.


🔹You’re Practical:

AKA – you’re a grownup.

You have:

• Employable skills.

• IRL responsibilities.

• A dose of practicality.

You’re no longer looking at Web3 as a get-rich-quick opportunity. Instead, you’re looking at Web3 as an opportunity to EARN a living.

• You know you need to work.

• You’re bullish on NFTs.

• You’ve developed niche expertise in the space.

The question on many of your minds is…

How can you create a career for yourself within Web3?

This is the goldmine in the next bull market. And it’s where millennials are primed to dominate. Once the bull market returns, countless job opportunities will emerge.

Millennials are in the best position to turn their passion for NFTs into legit careers.

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Community managers
  • Social media managers
  • Copywriters
  • Graphic designers
  • Marketing managers
  • Partnerships managers

The list is endless.

But pure practicality is dull. Millennials have yet to give up on their dreams.

They still have a few stars left in their eyes…

🔹You’re a Dreamer:

If you’re a millennial, you likely haven’t given up on your dreams just yet.

You still want to:

• Write that novel.

• Record that album.

• Act in that movie.

• Paint that picture.

• Craft that poem.

• Build that business.

And guess what?

It’s possible.

Web3 will drastically fragment the entertainment industry. Blockchain technology allows you to earn a living with your art.

So even though you may…

• Be in your 30s,

• Have a mortgage, &

• Support a family.

You can still CREATE.

Complete disclosure – I’m a 32-year-old millennial.

I plan on taking full advantage of the next bull market (whenever it arrives), just like the rest of you. It’s our time. Let’s take advantage of it!



Millennials are in the best position to crush the next NFT bull market BECAUSE:

• They have unparalleled life & NFT experience.

• They recognize the importance of practicality.

• They haven’t yet given up on their dreams.

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