7 Ways NFT Owners Can Take Advantage of the 2023 Bear Market

Next year will be rough for the NFT space.

But don’t let the doom and gloom be a complete buzzkill.

Here are 7 ways you can take advantage of the 2023 bear market:

1️⃣ Narrow Your Focus Down to a Few NFT Projects:

Don’t bother trying to keep up with every project.

Could you look at your portfolio and taper your attention?

If so, do it.


Stay engaged in the projects that have:

• Active founders, and

• Loyal communities.

Those are the ones that’ll make it through the 🐻.

2️⃣ Learn a New Skill:

Personal development is an excellent use of your time.

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Here are a few suggestions:

• Writing

• Video Editing

• Graphic Design

• Coding

• Photography

You’ll never regret learning something new.

3️⃣ Create Content:

This is the most significant opportunity in the world.

Your ability to create has never been more critical. Social media eliminates every excuse you could have for not achieving what you want.

So, if personal branding and professional development are essential to you (and they should be), learn how to create quality content.

This could be in the form of the following:

• Videos

• Articles & 🧵s

• Podcasts

• Infographics

• Memes


Creating content will:

• Increase your social capital.

• Extrovert your interests and talents.

• Give you a semblance of control over your professional life.

A great rule to follow is…

Create more than you consume.

4️⃣ DCA into Safe(ish) Assets:

Don’t YOLO all of your savings.

But 2023 might be an excellent time for DCA if you have convictions about specific assets.

DCA = Dollar Cost Average

AKA invest a fixed amount of 💰 regularly.

5️⃣ Focus on Your IRL Job:

Here’s your dose of practicality…

Times are tough. If you have a steady income, protect it! I want you to make yourself invaluable. Stack fiat if you can.

You still need to pay your bills.

Here’s a brutal truth…

If the market continues in its current direction, additional layoffs are inevitable.

So make yourself invaluable!

6️⃣ Deploy Gratitude:

It’s easy to project into the future and dream of everything you wish you had. But that’s a recipe for depression – especially in a bear market. Instead, take stock of the things you do have.

Be grateful.

Your mental health will thank you for it.

7️⃣ Exercise:

There’s no better time to focus on your physical health than now.

Make it a priority in 2023. You’ll increase your endorphins and melt your anxieties.

I love practicing yoga. It does wonders for my physical and mental health.

But for you, any exercise works.


Here’s How NFT Owners Can Take Advantage of the 2023 Bear Market:

• Narrow Your Focus to a Few Projects.

• Learn a New Skill.

• Create Content.

• DCA into Safe(ish) Assets.

• Focus on Your IRL Job.

• Deploy Gratitude.

• Exercise.

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