3 Ways to Find Your Content Creation Sweet Spot

🚨 BEWARE of creating too much content!

I’ve been consistently creating written & video content for the past year, and here’s the thing…

It’s caused me to be LESS creative.

Don’t let it happen to you too!

Here are 3 ways to find your content creation sweet spot.

Most experts will tell you the more pieces of content you create, the more chances you have for maximum exposure (AKA going viral).

And it’s true.

The more shots on goal you take, the better your chances of gettin’ a bucket. I get it.

But practice doesn’t make perfect.

PERFECT practice make perfect.

So it’s not necessarily the number of shots you take; it’s the quality of those shots.

(excuse all the basketball analogies, but I used to be a baller 🏀)

I learned this lesson the hard way. I created hundreds of videos. I edited those videos down into hundreds of more videos. Because – more content, right?

I’d then write threads and articles with the goal of publishing every day.

But then, one day, I poked my head up out of my ocean of content, looked at my work, and noticed that all of my content looked the same!

There was little originality.

For someone who prides themselves on their creativity, this was a giant L.

I was too focused on quantity instead of quality.

Here’s why creating too much content can be harmful:

• When you’re obsessed with volume, your content becomes formulaic.

• Pressure to produce limits creativity.

• You’ll burn out.

So how the hell do you find your content creation sweet spot?

Here’s your alpha content plan for 2023…

1️⃣ Know Your Why:

Listen, I know that sounds hippy-dippy, but it’s vital.

Why do you want to create content?

• Money?

• Social Capital?

• Leverage?

• Passion?

• Just because?

Everything is easier if you have self-awareness.

2️⃣ Forget About Publishing Every Day:

Focus on quality.

If you need to give yourself a deadline, could you make it weekly?

(ex/ publish a Twitter 🧵 every Saturday)

Give yourself time to breathe.

3️⃣ Keep Your Content Spicy:

Make your next piece of content DIFFERENT from your last.

Be creative!

If it’s a 📹:

• Switch up your location.

• Change the format.

• Try a new editing style.

If it’s a 🧵:

• Try a polarizing hook.

• Make it personal.

• Use a list.

I plan on drinking my kool-aid and implementing these three tips into my 2023 goals.

Did I miss anything?

How do you find your content creation sweet spot?

Let me know!

⬇️ TLDR ⬇️

3 Ways to Find Your Content Creation Sweet Spot:

• Know Your Why.

• Forget About Publishing Every Day.

• Keep Your Content Spicy and Lean into Your Creativity.

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