How NFT Founders Can Increase Community Engagement, Keep Their Community Safe, and Fully Take Advantage of the Bear Market

Are you an NFT founder looking to take advantage of the bear market?

If so, now is not the time to build in silence and keep the status quo. Doing so may alienate your community and put them at risk. And that’s the last thing you want in a down market. 

Instead, you need to:

• Skyrocket your community engagement.

• Ditch Discord and secure your community with Console – a decentralized, Web3 community hub. 

Let’s get into it.

Skyrocket Community Engagement:

If you want your community to be active, you’ll have to be active too. 

Become a social media superstar. You need to eat, sleep, and breathe content. Here’s what I mean…

Every day, you should:

• Host a Twitter Space. 

• Create video and written content (Twitter threads should be your new best friend). 

• Engage with your community on socials. 

If you’re a larger project, you’re probably thinking…

“But my social media manager already does all that through the project’s account.”

That’s all well and good, but you have so much value to offer your community through your personal account. Position yourself as a thought leader in the Web3 space. It’s an excellent way to infuse confidence and loyalty into your community. 

Also, take your talents outside of Twitter. 

Web3 dialogue is expanding into additional social media platforms, such as: 

• LinkedIn,

• Instagram,

• YouTube, and

• Tik Tok.

Now is the time to expand your project’s footprint and engage with your community on all platforms. 

Here are some examples of founders who actively engage with their NFT communities on socials and also create valuable Web3 content:

• Betty (Deadfellaz)

• Gary Vaynerchuk (VeeFriends)

• Duckmaster (Nonconformist Ducks)

Regarding social media engagement, no one should be working harder than you. The following should be non-negotiable:

• Create valuable content on social media, and

• Engage with your community on all platforms DAILY.

Once you’ve become a social media rockstar for your community, you’ll need to keep them safe.

Secure Your Community:

Web3 is the Wild Wild West of the internet. 

It’s dangerous. And just as safety was a concern for the townsfolk in Tombstone during the O.K. Corral shootout, safety is also a concern for NFT owners in Discord during the bear market.

Discord ropes in a slew of safety concerns for NFT community members, including:

• Compromised Identities.

• Phishing attacks (fake announcements, DMs, chat messages).

• Exploiting bot vulnerabilities (Mee6 bot).

Just this past June, scammers compromised more than 103 NFT Discord communities. TRM Labs estimates more than $22 million was lost to discord hacks and scams from May to July.

So, what’s an NFT founder to do?

You could do nothing and hope that Discord’s safety improves, but that’s putting your community at risk. It’s also putting much faith in a centralized institution. 

And you’re in Web3, remember? We want decentralization. That’s the whole point. 

Instead of Discord, your project’s communication hub must be on an open, secure platform. 

Console is the perfect alternative. 

They’re building a decentralized, open-source, secure, and community-owned Web3 chat platform –a Web3 Discord. Console keeps your community SAFE through blockchain-secured decentralized identity. Native smart contracts verify users – NOT third-party bots. 

Here’s how it works.

Your community members will:

1. Arrive at Console.

2. Connect their crypto wallets.

3. Obtain token-gated access to your community. 

Console validates membership into your community based on a member’s ownership of the following:

• Your project’s NFT, 

• Your project’s token, 

• Their .eth ID, or 

• Their .btc ID 

You can decide what token you want to use as a verification tool. 

This native verification process ensures that all your community members are verified, eliminating bots and scams. 

Console allows your community members to own their own identities.

“Not your keys, not your identity.”

It doesn’t get more Web3 than that.

Fully Take Advantage of the Bear Market:

Bear markets create legends. 

It’s the best time to double down on what’s most important – your community. 

NFT founders can take advantage of the current bear market by…

• Becoming social media superstars,

• Actively engaging on all social media platforms, and

• Keeping their community safe with decentralized platforms, such as Console. 

Be the change you want to see in Web3. 

If you want early access to Console’s game-changing platform…


Apply to join.

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