My Struggles With Social Media 😅

Okay, here’s my new thing. In an attempt to write more consistently, I’m giving myself 30 minutes per day to write a blog post – content, proofreading, literally everything in 30 minutes flat. It’s basically like a bowflex workout. 

I wanna chat about content. 

I fully believe that social media is an invaluable tool for people trying to build their personal brands. Y’all know that. I think I basically say it in every post.  Oops.

Anyways, if I’m being completely honest with you all, I struggle with social media content. 

There are several things I want to accomplish with my social media pages. The first is that I want to support my acting goals. The second is I want to have fun and extrovert my talents online. Those two things have often clashed in my mind. Here’s what I mean – I want my social feeds to express an aura of professionalism and seriousness about the acting/entertainment business. BUT at the same time, I’m such a goofball and love posting little skit comedy videos and light hearted content. 

It’s been difficult to bridge the gap. I’m starting to think the ultimate answer is to simply post whatever the hell I want. If I’m feeling goofy, I’ll post a funny video. If I’m feeling professional, I’ll post a more professional photo with a truly thoughtful caption. I don’t think there is a science to this. Did I just answer my own question?? CLASSIC ME.

I also REALLY try not to cater my content towards likes and comments. My goal is not to get as many likes and followers as possible. The goal is to extrovert my talents and interests’ long term with the hopes that it will benefit me down the road. 

Producing content is also just fun for me. Making videos, taking pictures, and writing articles are creative endeavors that I thoroughly enjoy. So that’s another reason why I do it. 

This all goes back to one main point that my brother and I ALWAYS emphasis…


My ultimate goal at this point in my life is to act professionally. AKA make a living as an actor. The one thing that SUCKS about an acting career is that you have no control whatsoever. You can take a million acting classes, get a million headshots, and work on a million projects for free but whether or not you garner success is out of your hands – for the most part that is. It’s one of those careers where anything can happen at any second. It could happen a year from now or twenty years from now, no one knows.

The good thing about social media is that it gives people who have no control over their careers, complete control over their brands. You can really become your own PR agent on social. 

Anyways, I just wanted to open up a bit and talk about the struggles I have with social media. The key, I think, is to not overthink. Any action is better than inaction. DAMN! I absolutely love that line. I’m gonna say it again for the people in the back. ANY ACTION IS BETTER THAN INACTION!!!

Make rough draft moves people!! Cheers to making a whole bunch of random content and having a blast doing it!!

Finished in 30 minutes!!! DAMN I’M GOOD.

Over and out. 


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