From Litigator to Filmmaker

In this episode we link up with Trey McClarnon, Owner of Best Part Productions. Trey was a practicing attorney before his passions took him into film production full time. We chat all about… 

  • Trey’s legal career and subsequent transition into filmmaking
  • How a law career develops invaluable skills for a film producer
  • The importance of networking as a film producer
  • Indie film 101
  • Raising capital for films
  • Selling films for distribution
  • The state of the Nashville Film Market
  • How a grassroots approach is the BEST way to turn Nashville into a thriving film market
  • How being trapped in a certain career is a MYTH
  • Trey’s exciting new projects for 2020

You can find Trey on Instagram. To learn more about Best Part Productions and stay up to date with Trey’s upcoming projects visit

Listen here…

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