Making A Movie

The Bald Brothers have officially produced their first short film. The movie was written, directed, and edited by Brendan Bald but STARS both of the Bald Brothers. We recorded this episode to talk all about the filmmaking process. We specifically cover…

“Nice To Meet You, Brendan – So What Do You Do?”

“Nice to meet you, Brendan – so what do you do?” This is a difficult question to answer. Most artists dread the question. Do I respond by revealing my creative pursuits? “I’m an Actor!!!” OR do I respond by revealing my ACTUAL work? You know the stuff I do that actually pays me.

6 Filmmaking Tricks I Learned Directing My First Short Film

I recently finished directing my first Short Film! Thank you, thank you (pause for applause). Instead of adding “Film Director” to my Instagram bio, I decided to draft up this article and highlight some of the most important lessons I learned during this experience.