Marvel Showcases Digital Collectibles at San Diego Comic-Con

Coming off the heels of San Diego Comic-Con, and let me tell you, it looked awesome. I was having major FOMO, looking at the pictures, looking at the videos from all four days of the event.

But you know what got me the most excited?

Digital collectibles showed up and showed out, baby.

Thanks to Marvel and VeVe, they had a great booth set up. VeVe of course, is the digital collectibles partner with Marvel, dropping all of Marvel’s NFT collections within their marketplace, VeVe Collectibles. And their booth was legit. They had blown up versions of their NFT collections on full display.

Not only that, but every day of the Comic-Con, VeVe and Marvel dropped a new Marvel Con Exclusive.

The first drop was a Welcome to San Diego Spider-Verse poster.

The second was Deadpool’s Chimichanga truck.

The third was the House of M #1 digital comic book, which is viewable completely in AR, augmented reality. Pretty darn cool.

The fourth is the Tesseract, which I think every Marvel fan knows.

And last but not least, we had a drop of The Silver Surfer.

All five of these Marvel Con Exclusive digital collectables drops sold out. But, if you want them, you can buy them on secondary. You just have to get log into VeVe to do so.

Seeing digital collectibles have a presence at Comic-Con has me feeling bullish.

I really think the next iteration of fandom is going to be digital collectables, especially once blockchain starts integrating with social media and you have more use for your NFTs. For example, being able to showcase them on social platforms and even showcase them with AR through your camera lens. Once there’s more things you can actually do with your assets, I think digital collectibles is going to absolutely skyrocket.

I love that digital collectibles had a presence at San Diego Comic-Con. I’m sure the presence for next year is going to be even larger. Marvel and VeVe, are pioneering in this space and I love it. My hat’s off to you.

I’m most definitely bullish.

Thanks for tuning in y’all. Take care.

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