Why Web3 Content Creators Should Post Their Content on All Social Media Platforms 

Most Web3 content exists on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

These are two very different platforms that are both friendly to the Web3 community. 

With over a year of experience creating and consuming Web3 content across platforms, I’ve found…

  • Web3 Twitter has a degenerative flavor chalked full of Anons (Anonymous Identities), shilling, spicy takes, and tons of fun;
  • Web3 LinkedIn, on the other hand, has more of a professional vibe with doxed individuals, fully articulated macro arguments w/ linked sources, no shilling, and a little less fun.

Both platforms provide a ton of value for the Web3 community. Many creators are happy keeping their Web3 shenanigans exclusively on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Here’s why that’s the case and why I think it’s a mistake…

We Long for Acceptance and Fear Discomfort  

Tribalism is human nature. 

It’s only natural to feel more comfortable communicating with likeminded people. That’s why many Web3 enthusiasts prefer Twitter and LinkedIn over other social media platforms. They’re friendlier to crypto and NFT talk. 

When you venture outside of those two platforms, the waters get rough.

NFTs are a polarizing topic, to be sure. Many hear the term and automatically think SCAM. And Web3 content published on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok can receive a lot of hate. If I had a penny for every “screenshotted” comment I’ve received on my content, I’d probably be rich.

Most people prefer not to be subject to ridicule for the content they publish. 

The negativity makes us uncomfortable. It makes us insecure.  So, we avoid situations where hate is likely to occur. This is the main reason I think many are hesitant to publish Web3 content across all platforms. 

But here’s my take…

We need to get over it. 

If we lead with empathy and refuse to give haters power over our emotions and actions, brushing off the negativity will be a breeze.

We Don’t Want to Start Over

This is a big one. 

Many Content Creators have worked their asses off building large followings on Twitter and would rather not do it all over again on another platform. This is understandable. If this is you, try to deploy self-awareness and make sure your ego isn’t holding you back. 

Social media is abundant and countless opportunities exist on other platforms. It’s time for us to take advantage of them. 

Why Content Creators Should Post Their Content on all Social Media Platforms 

Before we see mass adoption, we’ll need mass awareness. 

Billions of people use Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube. We need to normalize Web3 dialogue, reduce the stigma, and highlight the value propositions of Web3 technology. The best way to do that is by flooding all platforms with valuable Web3 content. 

Also, with Meta’s recent blockchain integration and push for Digital Collectibles, the timing here is perfect. We now have Meta on our side.  

In my opinion, the benefits of publishing across platforms far outweigh the costs of doing so. 

Let’s get to posting, folks!

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For those who just want the juicy goods, Here’s the TL;DR…

  • Many refuse to publish on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube b/c the audience is less receptive to Web3 dialogue
  • Many Creators don’t want to build on new platforms
  • Every social platform is abundant and content creators can help normalize Web3 dialogue, reduce the NFT stigma, and highlight the value proposition of blockchain technology by posting their content EVERYWHERE

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