3 Reasons Phygital Trading Cards Will Bridge Mass Adoption of NFT Collectibles

The Future is Phygital.

I’ve collected thousands of physical trading cards and hundreds of NFTs.

First things first, what are Phygitals?

Phygitals are collectibles that blend digital assets with physical ones.

They allow you to own:

• a physical collectible, AND

• Its digital twin.

Here’s why phygitals will bridge mass adoption…

1) People Love Physical Collectibles:

Despite our world moving more and more into the digital realm, physical possession remains supreme.

There’s something magical about holding something in your hands. This applies to all collectibles – including books and sports cards.

I’m an NFT bull yet I prefer to read physical books over ebooks. I like holding the books in my hand and I like having them displayed on my bookshelf. Digitizing my entire book shelf into NFTs sounds awesome, BUT I still want the physical copies!

Phygitals let you have your cake and eat it too.

You can own a physical collectible and a digital collectible of the exact same thing.

Phygitals appease those who are still attached to the physical.

2) Phygitals are Immortal:

It’s a lot harder to lose or destroy a digital collectible than a physical one.

When I was a kid, I collected thousands of:

• Pokemon cards,

• Basketball cards, and

• Baseball cards.

But over the years, my entire collection was either lost or destroyed. I have zero proof of ownership. Which is a massive bummer because I had some 🔥 Pokemon cards!

Phygitals fix this issue…

Regardless of what happens to your physical collectibles, you’ll retain ownership of your NFTs.

HOWEVER, NFTs aren’t 100% secure.

You risk:

• Losing your private keys, or

• Getting hacked.

But the NFT security concerns will dissipate as the space matures.

Overall, your assets are SAFER as a phygitals!

3) Phygitals Give Collectors Control:

People hate being forced into new things.

Phygitals give collectors control over when they want to dip their toes into the digital realm. For example, if you purchase a DC Booster pack from HRO, you’ll receive a pack of physical trading cards. Each card’s unique QR code unlocks its NFT “twin” on the HRO platform. But no one’s forcing you to claim the NFT if you don’t want to.

Phygitals give collectors discretion on when/if they want to dive into NFTs.

That’s the 🔑 to winning over NFT bears.

Give them the control to move into NFTs whenever they’re ready.

Here’s the TLDR:

Phygitals are the 🔑 to bridging NFT mass adoption because:

• People still love physical collectibles.

• Phygitals are immortal.

• Phygitals give collectors control on when/if they dive into NFTs.

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