3 Ways Stranger Things is Catapulting into the Metaverse

Netflix users have spent BILLIONS of hours watching Stranger Things.

Soon they’ll be able to experience the show in the Metaverse. 

I’m a Web3 writer who’s binged every season of Stranger Things. 

Here are 3 Ways Stranger Things is catapulting into the Metaverse and Web3:

1) Stranger Things in Roblox:

You can now Immerse yourself in the Stranger Things world on Roblox, the online gaming platform. 

Roblox is the closest thing we have to an actual metaverse.

It’s more of a fun little game than a metaverse, but cool nonetheless. 

You can do all types of stuff in Roblox, including:

• Explore Starcourt and other legendary TV locations.

• Play “Delivery dash,” a race against the clock to deliver Scoops Ahoy to shoppers around the mall.

• Play “Hawkins lab escape,” an upside-down game of cat-and-mouse.

Roblox offers a glimpse into the future of storytelling. 

Immersive gaming experiences will likely explode in popularity as technology advances. 

The next step will be Virtual Reality. 

2) Stranger Things in Virtual Reality: 

The show is getting a Virtual Reality game in 2023. 

@TenderClaws, the notable VR developer, teamed up with Netflix to make this game a reality. 

Pun intended. 😉 

The game will allow players to:

• Experience the show from a never-before-seen perspective.

• Invade the dreams of characters.

• battle humans and creatures using telekinetic abilities.

• form the hive mind as you help Vecna plan his revenge against Eleven and Hawkins.

Virtual Reality becoming a thing is not a matter of if but of when. 

Next year is probably too early for mass adoption. 

But who knows?

Tech moves fast these days.

Speaking of technology, let’s talk about NFTs…

3) Stranger Things NFTs:

Stranger Things has been in the NFT game since July. 

They partnered with Candy Digital and dropped 11,111 NFTs featuring 17 characters from season 4. 

They also have an upcoming drop of scanned props from Season 4. 

At face value, these NFT drops seem excellent…

A recognizable brand moves into the Web3 space with NFTs from their most beloved show. 

Netflix did a lot of things right, including

• 🔥 art.

• Excellent UX. 

• Fun gamification. 

But unfortunately, Netflix also did a lot of things wrong…

Netflix’s biggest mistake was dropping their NFTs on a centralized platform. 

You can’t take custody of your Candy NFTs. 

When you buy an NFT off Candy, 

• It sits w/in Candy’s custodial wallet. 

• You don’t own it. 

• You can’t move it into your wallet. 

• You can’t sell it on a different exchange. 

But – there’s still hope.

Candy claims that transferring NFTs from its platform to another wallet is:

“something that may become available in the future.”

Thank goodness.

If Candy allows users to take custody of their Stranger Things NFTs, the product is a slam dunk. 

Either way, it’s great seeing Netflix move into the Web3 space. 

⬇️ TLDR ⬇️

Netflix is Making Some Massive Metaverse Moves, Including:

• A Roblox Metaverse Experience,

• A Virtual Reality Game, and

• NFTs

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