3 Reasons Why Lawyers Make Amazing Content Creators

Hear me out…

Lawyers are often seen as uptight and serious, but that’s not always the case.

These legal professionals have the skills to be fantastic video content producers, and their writing abilities are top-notch.

I’m a lawyer turned creator, and my content has millions of views and impressions.

Let’s look at why lawyers make such great content creators and how they can use their skills to make compelling arguments in their writing and videos.


1) Being on Camera Is Easy-Peasy:

Lawyers are actors.

They articulate persuasive arguments and command rooms in front of:

• Juries,

• Judges, and

• Clients.

Performing on camera is LIGHT WORK compared to that.

2) Writing Skills Galore:

Since lawyers spend countless hours researching, writing briefs, and drafting motions, they are well-versed in constructing a compelling written argument.

Their vast experience researching and writing enhances their vocabulary and can add color to Twitter 🧵s and Twitter Articles.

3) Seeing Both Sides of an Argument:

All lawyers must be able to see and articulate both sides of an argument.

This helps them create compelling content by presenting both sides of an issue while remaining unbiased (and objective).



• Lawyers are pros at articulating arguments on camera.

• Lawyers are ballers with a pen and paper.

• Lawyers possess the unique ability to present both sides of an argument.

All these things combined make lawyers some of the best content creators in the game!

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