3 Movies Every NFT Owner Needs To Watch ASAP

It should be ILLEGAL to buy an NFT UNLESS you watch these 3 movies first.

Get ya popcorn ready! 🍿 🎬

1) The Day After Tomorrow:

This movie is identical to NFT markets…

🚨 Spoiler Warning 🚨

Here’s the breakdown:

The movie starts out great.

But then…

β€’ A “superstorm” engulfs the planet.

β€’ Hail destroys Tokyo.

β€’ A tornado destroys LA.

β€’ Half the world freezes.

β€’ Millions get wiped out.


Sound familiar degens?

2 words:




But the movies not over…

Things change.

β€’ The superstorm eases up.

β€’ The strong survived.

β€’ Society rebuilds.

Sound familiar degens?

2 words once again:



The Day After Tomorrow trace NFT volatility perfectly.

Next up…

2) Wolf of Wall Street:

The NFT market is full of greed.

People want to make money.

And morals often take a back seat.

Jordan Belfort’s story, as told in “The Wolf of Wall Street” movie, is another excellent analogy for NFT markets…

🚨 Spoiler Warning 🚨

Heres’s the breakdown:

Belfort starts with nothing. But then he…

β€’ Uses fraudulent sales tactics.

β€’ Pumps and dumps securities.

β€’ Makes MILLIONS.

β€’ Goes to jail.

Sound familiar degens?

Many NFT projects have implemented the Belfort pump and dump.

β€’ Anon founders promise the world.

β€’ Influencers pump the project.

β€’ Founders make a fortune.

β€’ Influencers dump on their followers.

β€’ Founders disappear.

That was basically the 2021 NFT playbook.

But here’s the thing…

Belfort’s story didn’t end with him going to jail.

He was released and then started making an honest living – using his sales skills for good.

NFT projects with muddied pasts should take note.

With that said…

NFT markets aren’t total doom and gloom.

The technology is brand new and bad actors took advantage.

That was inevitable.

It’s the unfortunate truth.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Which leads me to the third movie that every NFT owner must watch…

3) Ready Player One:

Ready Player One is an excellent example of what a true “Metaverse” may look like in the distant future.

In the movie, everyone spends their time in a virtual world called OASIS.

Within Oasis:

β€’ Kids go to school.

β€’ Adults work.

β€’ Everyone is entertained (movies/TV/Games).

β€’ Everyone transacts w/ virtual assets (AKA NFTs).

The movie extrapolates on how we view virtual worlds and takes it to an extreme.

Ready Player One is wildly entertaining and visually stunning.

The movie gives NFT owners a macro, futuristic view of where all this NFT/Crypto/Metaverse Mania is headed.

πŸ’₯ BOOM πŸ’₯

That’s a wrap. 🎬


Every NFT Owner MUST Watch:

β€’ The Day After Tomorrow.

β€’ The Wolf of Wall Street.

β€’ Ready Player One.

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