3 Reasons Sports Fans Make the Best NFT Community Members

Sports fans are the most valuable demographic for NFT projects.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Here are three reasons sports fans make the best NFT community members.

1) Sports Fans are Loyal:

Sports loyalty runs deep.

It doesn’t matter if your favorite team wins or loses – you give them your full-on support.

Your team could be 0-10 – it doesn’t matter. You root for them anyways.

That’s the kind of loyalty NFT projects need.

NFT communities and sports fans are similar…

• Both have passionate communities, and

• Both communities root for their project or team to “win” (win games or 📈 in value).

But they’re also different…

Sports fans have undying loyalty to their teams.

NFT community members are typically fair-weather fans.

They’re profit-driven and ditch down-trending projects for up-trending ones.

But outliers exist…

Several NFT projects have successfully attracted loyal community members.

A few include:

• Sappy Seals

• Nonconformist Ducks

• Deadfellaz

These three communities remind me of loyal sports fans.

Loyalty is one of the main reasons sports fans are a valuable demographic for NFT projects.

NFTs need loyal holders to weather the ups and downs of the market.

In addition to loyalty, sports fans ALSO put their money where their mouths are…

2) Sports Fans Buy Merch:

Sports fans spent more than $34.4 Billion on sports merchandise in 2020.

NFL jerseys alone sold for over $2 Billion in 2021.

That’s a lot of moolah.


Sports fans create healthy economies for teams when they purchase physical collectibles, such as:

• Bumper stickers

• Jerseys

• Hats

• Scarves

• Mugs

• Etc.

NFT projects need that same kind of economic support.

It stands to reason that sports fans would take their spending habits and apply them to their favorite NFT projects.

They could purchase…

• IRL Merch

• Secondary NFT drops

• Additional NFTs

All of which contribute to a healthier project economy.


3) Sports Fans are LOUD on Social Media:

There’s a reason why sports-related topics continually trend on social media…

It’s because fans LOVE talking about their favorite teams!

Fans love to:

• Talk shit,

• Show support, and

• Provide “expert” opinions.

All of which provide teams with increased social capital.

Your team’s social status elevates when people talk about them on social media.

This value-add is critical for NFT projects…

Social media is the town square for NFTs.

It’s where everything happens.

NFT projects want community members to be active on social media.

Like really, really bad…

If you’re a community member, they want you to:

• Change your PFP to your NFT,

• Congratulate new members for buying their 1st NFT, and

• Post about the project as much as possible.

All of which increase the NFT project’s social capital.

Sports fans who do this for their favorite teams would likely do this for their favorite NFT projects.

It’s why sports fans make the BEST NFT community members.

At the end of the day…

We are all suckers for tribalism.

We long for community.

It’s why sports fans so passionately root for their favorite teams.

And it’s why sports fans make THE BEST NFT community members.

Sports 🤝 NFTs.

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